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Raven Eye Custom

we are rimfire - PERFECTED

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About Raven Eye Custom


We are the manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality Ruger 10/22 replacement parts available. Our business is based on customer service, and solid products.


Our history

Back in the day, before tactical rimfire rifles were commonly available, we created custom tactical stocks for the Ruger 10/22. Using our design and engineering capabilities, we created Heckler and Koch G36 style clones, HK SL-8 stocks, even of the prototype XM-8.

We helped fuel the demand for the tactical rimfire revolution. Once firearm manufacturers realized the demand for tactical rimfire rifles, they started offering many more styles in 22LR. Now almost every manufacturer carries tactical 22LR models, including the Smith and Wesson MP15-22, the HK MP-5 A5 22LR, the Sig 522 as well as the Ruger SR22.

Now we focus our abilities on creating top performing upgrade parts for the rimfire industry, specializing in the Ruger 10/22. Our parts are available individually, as well as in money saving combinations such as the upgrade, performance, and tuner kits.


Our philosophy

Safety comes first. Safety always comes first. All our products are tested and refined before they ever reach the market. Every product we sell we use on our personal rifles. If we can't make the best component available, we don't offer that product.


Lifetime Guarantee

Firearms are meant to last through generations, and our products are designed to never need replacement. After many thousands of parts sold, only a handful have ever come back. And we gladly replaced them. Our parts don't have a lifespan, or replacement schedule. They will last as long as your firearm.

If you have a return, send the product to:

REC Warranty

5885 Allison Street # 2215

Arvada, CO 80004

An email is also appreciated to let us know it's on the way.


Ruger 1022 parts
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M&P Parts
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Bedding Pillars
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