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Bedding Pillar - Gunsmith 6 pack
  • Bedding Pillar - Gunsmith 6 pack


    This set consists one of each of all of our bedding pillars.


    For the flanged pillars, there is the 10/22 Specific pillar (Red), a Ruger 10/22 extra length pillar (blue) and a 5/8" flanged pillar (green).  This set is for gunsmiths who need a variety of styles of pillars to choose from when bedding multiple rifles.


    For the straight pillars, there are the 5/8", 1/2" and 7/16".  Each is finished with a clear coat.


    The blue and green pillars are intended to be cut to length, used for custom builds that may have thicker stocks.   The outside flange is nominally sized for a 3/4" (blue) or 5/8" forstner bit (green).   The smaller outside diameter is nominally sized for a 7/16" forstner bit.  Both the outside of the flange and of the shaft are sized with the actual diameter just under that to allow for a clean fit, and addition of bedding epoxy (recommended).


    The natural aluminum colored pillars come in a 5/8", 1/2" and 7/16" nominal diameter.  All are 1.00" long, and are cut to length.


    The inside diameter of the pillar (hole) are all = 0.260", which is sized to fit 10/22 takedown screws.  It can also  accommodate up to a #14 bolt (1/4") or a M7 metric bolt freely.  The outside diameter is irregular to increase adhesion.


    The colored anodizing is to harden the aluminum.  The shiny clear coat aluminum is for a similar purpose.  


    Manufactured by Raven Eye Custom from bar stock aluminum.

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