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M&P 15-22

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4kx4k bl.jpeg

The M&P 15-22 is the best tactical rimfire available. We should know; we used to build tactical modified 10/22 rifles for various clients (see the about us page for more details).  When this came along, we realized having an AR platform for rimfire was genius, and instead focussed on making this rifle better.  We make it easier to reload, after all this rifle was built to blast through an entire brick of 22LR.


Don't I need a gunsmith...

While they are essential for some upgrades, the products we sell mainly improve the functionality and loading of the magazine.  These were meant to be taken apart by the end user and cleaned.  The components are all easily accessible and assuming you follow our steps, are safe to install without a gunsmith.  



Near the top of an unloaded magazine, you see the colored follower.  In this hole fits our modified magazine loading assist buttons.  These have a hole in the center which allows for the use of our magazine loading tool.  The tool creates a different holding system that makes loading more comfortable and faster. 

Loading before and after w_text.jpg

Some factory magazines, usually those with a blue follower, do not contain a factory magazine loading button.  They also are long like a 25 round magazine, but can only fit 10 rounds.  As is, these are not compatible with our buttons or loading tool.  These are 'pinned' magazines that are to comply with some state requirements.  Where legal, these can be unpinned, a magazine loading button installed, and able to use the loading tool.


To allow you to customize, we carry the magazine loading buttons in black, red, blue, pink and green.  The black buttons are blued alloy steel, and the other colors are a durable anodized aluminum.  The loading tool is blued alloy steel. 


We sell the loading tool with two loading buttons in our most popular packs.  We also stock an "Armorer's Pack" that contains the tool and eight loading buttons. Buttons without the tool are also available in packs of 1, 3, or 10. 


Note that we have gone to an improved style of tool, as can be seen in the green and pink listings.  All packs that contain a magazine loading tool will ship with the improved configuration.


Magazine Loading Tool with two loading assist buttons

Armorer's Packs, Loading tool and eight loading assist buttons

All of these packs also come with a waterproof "MP 15/22 Armorer" bumper sticker. 

MP Armorer Large_edited.jpg

Three Pack loading assist buttons (no loading tool)

Ten Pack loading assist buttons (no loading tool)

Individual loading assist buttons (no loading tool)

M&P 15/22 Top Selling Products

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